I guess by now you guys have heard of YUWIE. It's another social networking site like MySpace or Friendster or Facebook. BUT with a big difference -- they pay you for all that you do in their site! You get paid everytime someone views your profile, reads your blog, uses your template, views your pictures, etc, etc. Is that cool or what?? Wanna join now?? =)

For years, we've been updating our profiles to get most hits possible. There's no compensation really, just to make you feel good that other people are also curious about your life. Now, you have all the more reason to update your profile, upload pics and vids, etc, etc coz now you GET PAID! Being popular is not enough anymore, you gotta earn from it, LOL! So join me now in YUWIE and be a part of another internet phenomenon! =) Click here to join and here to view my profile. Have fun guys!


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