Migosh guys! I found the BEST get-paid-to site ever! Though I have the feeling that most of the GPT pros knew about this site already and only n00bs like me doesn't know. LOL! I'm talking about TNICC-Online. TNICC stands for The New Internet Cash Club. We all know that 1c/ad is hot right now but this site beats all those "BUX" sites! In TNICC-Online, I earned $0.86 just by clicking their mostly 1c ads, some 2c and 3c IN ONE DAY! You don't believe me?? Then click the screenshot below. As I said this is the most amazing site! =)

Also, you can auto-surf and earn 1:2 advertising credits. Use this credits to advertise your own sites. Best of all? It pays by paypal, alertpay and e-gold!! As usual, I love the e-gold part! Hehe! Minimum payout is $15, sounds steep? Nahh, in fact it's so easy to reach even without referrals. So what are you waiting for? Join now!


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