Hi guys! Like my new layout? It's too pink?? Well, I'm a girl and it's my favorite color after all! =) And yes, that's ME in the header picture above. Just to make you feel I look trustworthy, LOL! The links and widgets are all up. My next project would be a LINK list of the best sites I've tried. Anyway, I've been very busy with the get-paid-to (GPT) world even as I was revamping my site. Many GPT sites have opened and I joined several of them. So far, these are the best I've joined:

FILIPINO-friendly!!! Just like ADbux and ADvercash with 1-2cents ads and 100% referral earning BUT with MORE links and a LOW payout of $6.99 via e-gold and PayPal! Oooh, I'm so happy with the e-gold part =)

Just like ADbux and ADvercash but with MORE links, much more! Last sunday I clicked like 9-10 ads, wow! If only I had referrals, I would earn more T_T If you wanna make me happy, pls join under me. Thanks! =) Payout is $10 thru PayPal.

This is one of the BEST finds I had in the GPT world! Payout is $1 via e-gold, PayPal and AlertPay. The site is very organized and professional-looking with lots of offers that are categorized. As I said, very organized =) Join now and see what I mean!


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