..and my last post about Chrome OS is still as relevant then as it is today! Maybe even more. Why? Because the Chrome line of products from Google have taken the world by a storm! The Chrome browser is now one of the popular (if not the most used) browsers in the world, and Chromebooks (which runs the aforementioned Chrome OS) has become the favorite of techies and students worldwide. I'm still waiting for the day that I can buy a Chromebook in computer shops here in my country. I'm already using almost all of Google mobile apps and online programs plus I have a Nexus 4, Google's flagship device for its Android mobile OS in 2012. A Chromebook will make me a 100% gSheep (as opposed to Apple iSheeps, lol). And yes, Google has two OS, which I suspect will be merged in a few years (maybe months?) time.
source: http://ims85.com/2011/12/07/back-to-blogging
Anyway, enough Google-lovin' and time for my "make money online" blog lovin', haha! So why am I reviving this dormant blog? Two things: one, Google still sends traffic here and two, there are sooo many ways to make money online now! Trust me when I say I have tried almost get-paid-to (GPT) system out there ;-) I have tried get-paid-to blog, get-paid-to click, get-paid-to answer surveys, get-paid-to social network, even get-paid-to post resume online! LOL! Told you I have tried almost anything, haha! One thing I haven't tried though is internet marketing (IM) as it was quite shady a few years back. Now I'm looking at different IM systems and wow, there are sound ones out there so I might just jump into it! Making mobile apps is in my list too, as well as being affiliates to major commerce sites. Time to teach old dog me some new tricks!
This is it for now. I will try to update this blog once a week (wishful thinking!) but I think it will be more like once a month. Haha! But truly, I'm excited to bring new life to this old blog of mine. I made lots of money with it, and I plan to make more! Lots moaarrr! ;-)


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