FYI, RL is real life. Just in case you're a newbie on online slang, lol =) One employee, TJ Riley (Data Center Technician), on his spare time in real life made a chainmail! Yes, that medieval metalwork knights used to wear under their armor. Cool huh?? Below is the finished product of TJ's hard work.
Vital stats of TJ's project is below. You can read his blog post about it HERE =)

* The entire project is exactly 25,829 rings.
* Dimensions: 67 units by 44 units (c. 66" x 27")
* Rings: 1/4" 16-gauge aluminum; the silver is bright aluminum and the inlay uses colored anodized aluminum.
* The entire thing is the traditional 4 in 1 pattern turned 90 degrees.

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