We all know that most of a website's income can from ads -- Google, Bidvertiser, Azoogle, etc, etc. Affiliate marketing ads are also the rage these days. Unfortunately, mature internet users are suffering from "ad blindness" -- that is, they don't click on the ad because they know it's an ad. So, how will you earn from every visitor in your site now? AUDIO ADS! Your visitor doesn't have to click anything, the ad just plays instantly if the visitor IP is valid. And the ads are unobtrusive, just 10-15sec of voice-over. Interested? The go to AudioAdHosting.com and start earning from every visitor of your site again! =)


  1. Jason said...
    What is they pay out for this per play? Ive seen one or 2 but they were $0.05 per play. Dosn't seem like enough to try it out. What do you thing?
    [issa] said...
    actually they don't pay much but you're not required to do anything except to add a code to your site to enable it to play audio ads. then you wait for the income to flow in -- fast if you're site has many visitors =) it's not like visual ads that you have to continually tweak to have the max clicks on it. add a code & watch the money roll in, that's it!

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