If you are in the retail industry and is looking for greener pastures, do check out Retail Options! The site has a list of 8,800 retail jobs, all yours for the taking if you decide to do so! They bring you hundreds of new careers in retailing every day. Whether you are seeking retail opportunities in head office buying & merchandising OR store management jobs, Retail Options will have the dream retail job for you. Interested already? Then simply register (for free!) and apply online OR register for job alerts and let the jobs find you. Easy as one-two-three! And you don't have to quit your current job while waiting for offers. I think we should all say, "Thank god for internet!" on this one, lol =)
Anyway, here are some jobs in retail that I found on Retail Options' site: Area / Regional Manager Jobs, Store Manager Jobs, Assistant / Deputy Manager Jobs, Sales / Department Manager Jobs, Sales Advisor Jobs, etc. As for the sectors, they have jobs from varied retail companies: Child & Baby Wear, Department & Variety Stores, Fashion, Gifts & Jewellery, DIY & Homeware, Electrical & Phones, Food & Drink, Leisure & Outdoor, Accessories & Footwear, Banking & Travel, Music, Video, Games & Toys, Health, Beauty & Optical, and Books, Cards & Stationery. It's really all up to you! =)


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