But have no time? If you have an old boat which you’d like to donate then you’ll be doing charity work already! That is, if you donate it to Boat Angel, a part of Angel Ministries, that use boat donations to create children's animation DVDs and anti-drug documentaries. This charity company gives out the DVDs for FREE that contain positive videos that will inculcate good values to your kids. It may sound very simple – donate boat and help charity but promise, your boat will go a long way! So how does their charity works out? The members of the ministry refurbish the donated boats and sell them at eBay (where else??). The money from the sale will then be used to make the DVDs and for shipping fees.

If you’re interested about their Children's Christian Animations on DVDs, you can order them for free. To preview some of their videos and for more info, you can search YouTube with the term “carangel”. Just recently, the ministry has completed their AntiDrug Use documentary starring skateboard legends Jay Adams from Dogtown's Z Boys, Christian Hosoi, Dennis Martinez (world champion), Bruce Logan (world skateboarding champion) in their rise to fame, fall coz of drugs and finally redemption. So, will I donate my boat? If I have a used one, I’ll surely will. Unfortunately, I haven’t got one and I haven’t even ridden on a boat yet! LOL!


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