I just read in EnGadget that Apple donated iPod nanos to over 100 kids in a California school district who lost their homes in the recent wildfires tragedy. I'm so envious!!! LOL! At least, even though they lost a home, Apple was able to give the kids a lil holiday cheer. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive a NANO?? Here's a bit of EnGadget's article:

Affected high school students in Poway, California, received the devices after Steve Boyack, husband of a Poway city councilwoman, noticed that fundraising and gift drives organized by the city targeted mainly young children and older folks and decided to write Steve Jobs an email at his famously public email address. Steve didn't write back, but Michael Foulkes, Apple's senior manager for state and local government affairs, soon had the iPods on their way. Apple being Apple, it's declined to comment on the story, and Boyack says the company didn't want any publicity to begin with, saying, "It was strictly from the heart and just wanting to help."


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