As I have noted in my first blog post in five years, making money online IS not impossible. In fact, I have earned more than enough to fund our half of the wedding budget :) Instead of going the traditional route of asking the groom's family to shoulder the expenses, my then boyfriend and I decided to save up for our wedding budget (50/50, in case we will split up while wedding planning, LOL) so we will have control over our entire wedding. Anyway, all of this stuff are in our Davao wedding blog, which was also recently revived.
I have started earning online in 2006 and continued til late 2011. I completely stopped when I had my second baby in 2012; two kids + online gigs = super haggard mommy. I didn't want to lose my youthful visage for a few dollars so I stopped working online ;-) Anyway, back in 2006, most of the "making money online" opportunities were get-paid-to <insert activity here> systems. Freelancing gigs like writing for other people's websites or making logos, designing websites, etc were just starting to gain popularity. The bulk of my income came from writing articles and running ads in my blogs. But the thing was, if I didn't write (for employers or in my own blog), my income suffered. That was it back then: no work, no pay.
Fast forward to 2014, the most popular way to make money online for Filipinos is to be a virtual assistant or VA. In the comfort of your own home (no travel time through traffic!), you can earn as much as P30,000 / month ~ enough for a young family with one kid! Other ways to make money online now includes uploading YouTube videos (popular accounts earn millions a month!), making paid mobile apps or free apps running ads, being an affiliate to online stores (so many options now!), etc, etc. But as in 2006, the same is also true in 2014: no work, no pay. Thus, my quest now is to find an online money-making system that I can set up and just leave running. Will keep you updated! :)


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