What's it all about? Ummm, you can read the full LENGTHY explanation over at Blogger Buzz or you can read my SHORT summary after this. Hehe! Oh, you're still here? Guess you want the shorter version eh?? ;-)
"Following" will enable the blog author to know who reads or follows her blog. Also, the blog author herself can stay updated with her favorite blogs via this feature. And she can view all her fave blogs via the Blogger Dashboard (or Google Reader). Neat huh?? ^_^ There's also a widget that you can place in your blog to show off your "Followers". It's very much like MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog that shows you the blog's recent readers. The big difference is you can access all the information (number of followers, blogs you're following, etc) via the Blogger Dashboard. If you're a Blogger/Blogspot fanatic like me, you know how important it is to access anything and everything from the Dashboard. Thumbs up for this! ^_^

P.S. For a full list of Blogger/Blogspot features, check their official page HERE!


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