Spyware, spam, viruses -- these are the terms computer users really hate to hear! But have these users really done something to prevent their computers from getting infected with these malware? Like installing an antivirus program or a complete computer security system perhaps? Me, I have always been a computer security fanatic. Back in the olden days of floppy disks (I was in HS when those "huge" black floppies were the rage), I never miss to scan them before using on a PC. Also, I am always constantly updating our antivirus software coz it won't do you any good when your antivirus is outdated. How can it detect the newest viruses then??

Good thing that my two bros (fellow home computer users) are into computer security too. Guess they learned the hard way when one time our PC got infected and all their saved games (100s of play hours wasted!) were wiped out. Muahahaha! Soon after that, we always had the best PC security program installed. Right now we are using ESET NOD32 AntiVirus (the best ever!!!) plus Comodo Firewall Pro. I highly recommend you use these two programs and constantly update them (via internet). Good luck!

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