A belated happy New Year everyone! It's been a super busy Christmas holiday for us (traveling to 4 cities by land and by sea!) and my making money online activities has been put on hold. Family first, right? :) But now everything's back to our normal routine, and I'm starting my online activities again. In my previous post, I've said that I'm looking for a online money-making system that I can just leave running (auto-pilot). Unfortunately, I haven't found anything legit. YET.
The good news is, in the course of my research, I have found internet marketing (IM) systems that require you to do only one or two things. I have done my due diligence on the said systems and found so much hate on some systems! LOL! The thing is, people who are deriding IM systems just didn't know what they're getting into. Anyway, I'm currently trying out an online marketing system that I think will help me the most. I'm so far enjoying it and learning quite a bit :) Here are some things that stuck to me:
  • It takes money to make money~ whether it's paying for a money-making model, investing on your knowledge, or paying for traffic.
  • TARGETED traffic is king.
  • Change your mindset about selling and promoting (products, your self, etc). Promoting is not a negative. It's just another procedure to get to your goal.
I will finish all the training videos and lessons (more than 55 in all!) and I'll update you all. If you are new to internet marketing or earning online, I highly suggest you read this internet marketing book. It helped me frame my mindset on how to got about earning online in Web 3.0 :) Have a wonderful 2015 everyone! May we all be prosperous in love and finances this year!


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