The past few days, the online community was in uproar coz of the quarterly updating of Google's PageRank. Apparently PR of many blogs and websites went down because they have (or sell) text link ads. Or so the rumors go. During this time, I checked this blog's PR and it went from PR0 to PR3! w00t! As for my other 3 blogs, got great news! Quick Bytes is still at PR2, nice! Tongue Temptations (food blog) is barely a month old and it's now PR1. I'm also getting lots of hits from Google Search, nice! My mobile blog at yes, it's ME remained a PR0. Quite understandable coz it's a personal blog and I didn't get it listed in directories and such =) So, what about your blogs? Were the PRs downgraded or upgraded? If you wanna check your PR the easy way, go to PRchecker.info =)


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